Press Releases
July 15, 2011 – Dimax Building Performance Re-Brands & Re-Launches Corporate Website
Peter Horvatis, Vice-President of Business Development, Dimax Building Performance is pleased to announce the re-brand and re-launch of the corporate website

The site presents key information about the firm, its management team and the overall value it provides to firms interested in partnering with Dimax Building Performance. It also offers a fresh "look and feel" with a stronger brand presence.

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May 30, 2011 – Dimax Announces a Co-operative development on forecasting usage patterns
Paul Silverthorne, President and Director of Technology at Dimax Building Performance today announced that Dimax has entered into an agreement with the National Research Council of Canada to jointly develop a unique rolling forecast process designed to provide an indication of the likely usage pattern for each utility in a building over the upcoming 24 hours. "This forecasting process will be used in our performance monitoring service to allow us to make 'on-the-fly' adjustments to reduce excessive utility usage. We believe that it will form the foundation of a new set of tools designed to assist in the ongoing need to reduce energy usage in buildings."
March 15, 2011 – Dimax announces approval of their Building Performance Solution under Ontario GreenFit program
Peter Horvatis, Vice President, Business Development at Dimax Building Performance announced today that it has been approved under the Ministry of Research and Innovation's GreenFit program.

"The Government of Ontario is committed to leveraging its buying power to make Ontario more competitive, innovative, and sustainable. Through its own purchasing, the government is creating opportunities for new green technology companies as they introduce innovative and sustainable solutions into the local and global marketplace."

Programs like GreenFit assist innovative companies like Dimax fast-track new solutions into the market by providing a large and sophisticated portfolio of buildings to act as a proving ground for their solutions. Through GreenFit we will introduce our Building Performance solution to a number of Ontario government portfolios to help improve building performance.
February 9, 2011 – Dimax Introduces a New Standard in Dynamic Dashboards
Forbes Silverthorne, Vice President of Operations of Dimax Building Performance today introduced our new "Report Card" dashboard for dynamic presentation of Utility Performance. "Our new dashboard produces a base-line budget through regression and normalization of historical performance data and producing an hour-by-hour output utility use forecast based on a representative weather-year for the particular geographic location. It then compares this forecast with current utility usage, normalizing the forecast to the actual weather to which it is being compared. The dashboard simultaneously presents the cumulative sum of the energy reduction on a continuous, real-time basis."

Former methods of comparison have largely relied on the "degree-day" method of normalizing utility data for weather. This new process developed by Dimax significantly improves upon this method and it can handle up to 5 independent variables. This allows the base-line budget to take into account such variables as occupancy and usage in combination with weather.
October 20, 2010 - Peter Horvatis joins Dimax Building Performance
Paul Silverthorne, President of Dimax Building Performance today announced that Peter Horvatis has joined the company in the position of Vice President, Business Development. "We are very pleased to have someone with Peter's background and expertise in real estate management in the senior marketing role at Dimax. With Peter's 15 years of experience with some of the largest managers in Canada, we feel that Dimax Building Performance is poised to become a market leader in the delivery of Building Performance Services."